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Suggested workflow:
  • To start the XmlSchema is created with an external application like LiquidXml.

This actions are not intented for end-users but should be an interaction between a software engineer and a educational designer. After a suitable XmlSchema is created it can be used multiple times.
  • The XmlSchema can then be loaded into the EwbDesigner and work can start on tweaking the export scripts for Moodle and Blackboard.

This actions are not intented for end-users but should be performed by a software engineer based on a handmade example of how the output should look like. By using standard exports (and their mandatory attribute sets) a lot of the existing code can be re-used. This step is tighly linked to the previous step.
  • Load the XmlSchema to create a course skeleton.

This is more an end-user action, maybe performed together with an educational designer. The resulting course instance can be converted into multiple output formats and restored in for instance Blackboard or Moodle.
  • Finish the course in Blackboard or Moodle.

This is certainly an action for end-users as it's all about entering content to the course skeleton being created in the previous step.

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