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Project Description

The Electronic Workbook Editor is a tool that allows one to generate course structures from xsd templates and export them to Blackboard and Moodle.

The project has made a first (beta) release!

  • The Blackboard export is working for nodes that are exported as title & text or as folder.
  • Moodle is more developed already because there was more code available from a previous project. It supports export to title & text, resource folders and assigments as well as some other things surrounding the actual course like a topic zero forum & the yui-course and the dynamic-course block.

The models included in the installer are:

  • 4cid_v11.xsd
  • Pimv2.xsd
  • Psy.xsd - (the psy umbrella project)
  • Psy_thema.xsd - (a psy child course)
  • Psy_studietaak.xsd - (a psy child course)

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